About Construction Décor Prestige

Company Mission

Construction Décor Prestige works in the field of residential construction in Montreal and its suburbs, offering homes and condominiums for immediate possession.

Conscientious about sustainable development, the company follows a “green” policy for all its projects, adhering to modern construction methods and quality materials that far exceed industry standards. Indeed, the building structure is designed for intensive use.

All Construction Décor Prestige’s projects are registered with Garantie Construction Résidentielle (Residential Construction Guarantee). This assures that your investment is protected, that the product delivered meets quality standards, and that you are protected from liability for structural defects for five years from your purchase date.

In addition, all projects benefit from external quality control by professionals from QUALITÉ HABITATION (HOUSING QUALITY) throughout the construction process.

Beyond offering its customers superior building quality, the company has succeeded by making after-sales service one of its top priorities.

Choosing a Construction Décor Prestige product is to opt for comfort, peace of mind, an exceptional living environment, and, above all, a sure investment!